Windows will run Blockchain applications and Bitcoin wallets available in Android

Concerned about Apple’s developments, Microsoft plans to upgrade its Windows system to be compatible with Android.

Microsoft plans to announce a new Windows 10 update soon so that the operating system can natively run the functions available on the Android system.

In this way, according to the Windows Central portal, Windows 10 would have native support for Android devices, allowing all applications developed for the operating system to „run“ on Windows as well.

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This would also allow all Blockchain-based applications and Bitcoin wallets available on Android to run on Microsoft software as well.

„I do not know how far this plan goes or when it will be released, but I have been informed that it could be introduced in 2021,“ wrote Windows Central.

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According to sources who have learned of the release, the Windows/Android support plan may have gained momentum with the release of Apple’s M1 chip for Macs.

This will allow Apple computers to natively run applications developed for iPhones and iPads.

Although the function is not ’native‘ it is already possible to run Android applications on Windows 10 computers through emulators.

Another possibility is to use the Your Phone application where the user can play through streaming (using the Wi-Fi connection) Android device applications on Windows 10.

Someone just moved $5 million in Bitcoin from the hack to Bitfinex in 2016

The funds stolen from the exchange are on the move again.

In 2016, 119,756 Bitcoins were stolen from the Bitfinex cryptosystem exchange. Some of these coins have continued to move between various wallets over the years, even on Monday.

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Blockchain data shows that an unknown user has moved 270,97974 Bitcoin (BTC) from a wallet associated with the hack. The sum has an approximate value of USD 5.2 million at the time of publication of this article.

The address 1GytseWXyzGpmHkcv9uDzkU9D8pLaGyR5x, which is believed to be associated with the hack, shows less than 0.001 BTC remaining. The BTCs were sent to a previously unknown bitcoin address: 3MyXrfSg7JFXLa7bD6YF1GnomEr8EXYRnx, which contains only the amount of the transaction.

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The hackers responsible for the attack have only moved between 1% and 2% of the funds stolen during the four years since the theft took place. Their HODLing strategy seems to be paying off: the loot was only worth USD 72 million at the time, but is now valued at approximately USD 2.3 billion.

In June, the thieves transferred 736 BTC from the hack to the Russian darknet market, Hydra, and some currencies ended up in Bitfinex. Similarly, someone transferred 3503 BTCs from addresses associated with the 2016 Bitfinex hack in July. Coins were also moved in October, with 2,900 BTCs changing wallets. Several Bitcoin amounts associated with the hacking have also been moved on multiple occasions.

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However, 98% of the stolen funds have remained intact for four years. This may suggest that hackers have had a hard time laundering digital assets as the authorities have tightened regulations.